We Can March to Either Drummer

Good-bad, right-wrong, faith-fear, love-hate, positive-negative, dark from light.

All within the parameters of the powers of choice, that we as human beings have at any given time.

Rabbi Byron Sherwin (of blessed memory) once said to me that “G-d loved man so much that he gave him a power that even G-d did not possess: the power to choose wrong over right.” G-d can’t do that. Gave that power to Satan I suppose.

The power we are seeking in our quest is the power of positivity. The constant positive banter that tends to attract positive results.

Each morning, I set my positive intentions for the day with about 30 minutes of meditation, positive affirmation and the exercise of gratitude. In that 30-minute period of time I am on the side of faith, on the sunny side, on the side of calm.

My daily task, then, is to test each moment against the quiet that came in the morning. Will this decision lead to a calmer life or a more frantic one? Am I furthering the cause? Am I on the side of right? Am I maintaining my positive mental attitude, am I choosing a positivity bias? Am I helping or will I harm someone?

G-d doesn’t have this quandary. Only you and I.