A couple of decades ago I sat in a Rabbi’s office to choose my Hebrew name. The name for my naming ceremony. I remember it this way. 

Rather cluttered office, kind of dusty, kind of dim, Rabbi Steve Folberg thumbing through a massive black book. We were looking for a name. We got through the “D’s” without a winner, but  early in  the E’s my name popped up. no really, it seemed to appear darker on the page. EITAN.

I asked the rabbi “What’s that mean? What is that one there?” and he responded “Oh that’s a good name, a real Hebrew name, it means persistent like water is persistent. Like Hanukkah oil burning for eight days is persistent.”

That’s me! All my strength, all my best qualities come from the fact that I have  above all things  persistence. All else follows. And the bundle makes me unique.