Somewhere in the Gap

My life has been sculpted by a handful of men. And as I related to Dr. Matthew Hinsley stories about all these mentors, he asked me: “How did you know which mentor to follow?” 

The answer to this question is somewhere in the seeking part. You see, two percenters* all seem to be (spiritual) seekers. And seekers seem to find answers in the gap

Oh yes – the gap. Let me tell you about that one.

 I was at a gathering in Bentonville Arkansas, and at the gathering there was a farmer talking about his experience with meditation. “His mornings, he said, often began surrounded by the reverberation of a diesel tractor as he accomplished his tasks around the farm. When he parked the tractor and shut it down, he said, there was a moment of perfect silence.” 

He called that moment of silence the gap, and explained that that was where he  found the answers to his prayers. In the silence. In the gap.

What begins as a hunch gradually becomes inspiration, and that ultimately becomes a working part of the mind. Over time we begin to rely upon it. 

The discipline of journaling, and meditation, prayer and quiet times. Answers to our prayers- somewhere in the gap.

*Those folks who seem to have the ability to use the power of humility.  And humility is, by my definition, an honestly that is spiritually driven.