Small Good Choices

Small Good Choices

Okay – so together we’ve written a set of Dreamlike days that is a representative of a perfect life sometime in the future. The perfect spiritual day, a perfect set of emotions as we deal with others in a kind and considerate manner. We’ve written about all that we might study on this perfect day, how we intend to create vibrant and healthy exercise, and we’ve visualized our surroundings. All the beautiful trappings attracted by a life well lived.

I often say, “If you can dream it, you can see it. If you can see it you may attract it to you over a period of time well lived.”

So, what does a day well lived look like? Let’s take it by the hour.

Our new life will be shaped by making small good choices. Like this:
wake up at half hour early. A time for you and God.
6:00 am-start with a simple prayer.
6:05-6:30 Coffee and a short read from a spiritual text. And write 10 to 12 things for what you’re grateful.
Small good choice? Carving out a half hour for no one else but you and God.

8:00 am. A moment of review of your workday as you imagine a few meetings with difficult people ending exceedingly successfully . Imagine staying calm. How can I be helpful? The small good choice here again is deciding to take a moment to review.

11:30 am walk to lunch. Or walk some stairs. Make one lean choice. Just one. 1/2 a sandwich rather than a whole. Soup that has no cream. Small good choices overtime
create huge results; like a smaller body.

1:00-5:00 pm. Make a small good choice to read something every day that expands your mental horizon. 15 minutes will do. I read Spanish each day for about 15 minutes.

Next month will talk about attracting intentions (as if by magic) by persisting in making small good choices throughout the day.