Size Matters Still

Returning to our discussion of a disciplined life: Older must be smaller. Physicality Is easy to discern. Much is accomplished by losing weight as we age. TV is full of it.

But how do we make less in other areas and bring strength to the aging process? How can emotional lessening be accomplished? And how can this accomplishment make us more complete?

“Spirit first”, as my good friend, Troy Dillinger, is apt to say. My seventh decade has been focused on my spiritual ripening. Having spiritual discipline allows me to mellow – it just follows, that when I focus on creating and maintaining an attitude of gratitude, my emotional self takes on a whole new complexion. I am unfettered, not ruffled; I can look the world in the eye.

I will become more sensible, tactful, considerate, and humble. And all of this comes as I practice a spiritual discipline, and begin to lose interest in myself and gain interest in others.

So let’s talk about the spiritual discipline…

More next week.