– Savannah Kepler/ 15 / Born and raised in Austin,Texas

– Topic 1 Food 

– Topic 2 Music (how it makes me feel)

– Topic 3 My thoughts on clothes

– Conclusion  


As I’ve gotten older I have noticed that I am more eager and open to trying out more foods especially healthy foods. And growing up with parents that live a healthy lifestyle, they have always told me that “Food is fuel” and “It all goes to the same place”


Probably one of my favorite things to do is listen to music. 

When I am Sad/ Happy/ Mad/ Relaxed/ Sleeping/ Working-out/

Running/ Sitting/ Working/ Studying, basically anywhere, anytime. And I love when I find a new song to obsess over. (Great feeling BTW)  It really helps to Zone-out. 

And helps me control or release emotions.


My style but with every single style I always feel Comfortable And Confident.

In what I have on. I have also come to the conclusion that close have no gender. (Same with colors) And I recently bought some swim trunks, (I found at Goodwill) 

I was brought to my attention that if you are a woman and you wear men’s clothes people will assume or label you as lesbian or dike. but when I looked at the clothes I bought all I said was pieces of fabric. And when I put them on I felt Comfortable and Confident and that’s all that mattered to me. 


So far life has been Good/ Crazy/ Relaxing/ Chaotic/ Frustrating, Over all a lot.  But am so grateful to be alive.

And that is a little bit about me.

-Savannah Kepler