Plague of the Negative Bias


The Nielsen Norman group states: “Negativity bias is the tendency for humans to give more weight to negative experiences.”

So, If our dominant thoughts shape our material environment, we may be attracting misfortune more often than we attract good fortune to our lives. 

Listen to the banter in your head for a while. Try that for a day. Mostly gossip? Negative messages of one kind or another? Is every sniffle a sign of virus? Is every appointment designed to avoid imagined peril? What about the state of our nations? The state of our economy and  it’s effect on you? Painting with a negative brush or a positive one?

Important stuff you see, because I believe we are apt to attract our dominant thoughts.

Is the life you were imagining the one you wish to have? Are you imagining glorious outcomes or dire outcomes?

Join me this November for a 21 day exercise in positivity. Join me on a dream quest. Let’s attract wealth of many kinds.