Goals or Intentions?

“80% of new years resolutions fail. Most by February,” according to Johnathon Alpert author of “Be Fearless, Change Your Life in 28 Days.”

He lists three reasons for failure. One cause of doomed resolutions are that they are often framed negatively. Things like: “Stop wasting money.” “Stop eating junk food.”

I call these types of resolutions “No dog, bad dog resolutions”. And just as slapping a dog for peeing creates a cringing frighten mutt, so too do negative affirmations create cringing failed goal setter’s.

But even positive sounding, specific goals can end poorly. Driven by a need to accomplish, we depend on fear driven motivation to hit our mark. And when we have our goal attained, have our goals achieved, we find that we are no less miserable than before. Goal setting leaves us unfulfilled. So why try?

The answer next month.