Example of Dreamquest Dreaming

Day 2

“2025-2026 has been such a magical time! Louise and I have returned to Texas after our December stay in our Santa Fe home. January and February were spent in Sun City and we are surrounded by friends. We love this community and my February performance of “A Guru Named Frank” is a sellout for Austin Classical Guitar.

$50,000 so kids can have music in school.

AA meetings, and the Sun City Jewish Community fuel my spiritual quest. Sun City Torah study is sublime.

I wrote a line in my song “Cross Your Heart” that went like this: “We have kept a promise, time has given us what vows can’t do.” That line calls to the fact that love becomes stronger over time, and ours certainly has.

I can speak Spanish understandably and continue to study each day. I have finished the studio work on my fifth CD.

My wife is impacting the world by helping scientist commercialize their technologies. 

I am a fit 75-year-old man. My weight is 155 pounds, and I stretch and exercise every day. COVID-19 has been eradicated.

My G-d what a wonderful life!

I have written this in the year 2020. This is my 36th Dreamquest.

I am merely exercising my dream muscles as I spend each of 21 consecutive days imagining a period of time–sometime in the future. I have cut out piles of pictures that represent a time and space that looks much like these events. I try to imagine how my life will be shaped spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically and materially.

Is it probable that all this will occur on time?

Are these benchmarks that I will check off by working hard?

Are these daunting tasks?

Not probable-but possible.

I may receive bits, pieces, or parts or all of everything I have written. And if I do, as I do, I will celebrate the fact that G-d created the ether that allowed me to imagine and shape such a wonderful life!