Day One, A Day of Awe

Day One, a Day of Awe
I’ve written down five areas now, And on Thanksgiving day I’ll spend a good part of the day reviewing all that has entered my life, all that I have received, all that has come to me in G-d’s own time. Here, let me take a moment with you and share a bit of the good that has come from a near fatal accident I had on April 10 of this year 2019.
Physical-What good could possibly come from nine fractured ribs, four ribs that were fractured multiply? What possible good would ever come from a punctured lung, broken scapula, and a concussion? What good would ever come from the hematoma that extended from my waist line to my knee?
1.I am amazed at the strength and fierce advocacy that my wife showed throughout this whole ordeal as she battled the doctor’s proclivity for giving me opioids and various addicting drugs that are so bad for me. I am in awe of the fact that love starts feet first. I am so appreciative of the lioness that stands by my side.
2. I am amazed at the power of a PMA (positive mental attitude) in my life. For all of you that understand that the initials LTL (learn to lie), sounds like this: “This is terrific this is fantastic, this is a wonderful thing!”
3. I am so appreciative of the neighbors in my community here In the South than understand the importance of the action that goes with the statement “I think I’ll drop on by.” Every day for 10 days there was somebody near my side at my bed. Folks that decided to “drop on by.”
4. I am amazed at the power of attraction that brought a sixty-year-old Caregiver to help me with my first short term goal of getting out of bed. God, the universe, the power of the laws attracted Darriel Agee to sleep on the couch near me for the first week of recovery here at the house. And oh, what a sight we were! Well over 6 feet tall, a disabled vet who was raised in the deep, deep South on a farm with 10 siblings, Darriel knew as many gospel tunes as I, and we sang and danced in the shower each morning as she cleaned me thoroughly. Darriel is a poet, and on March 28 of 2020 I will be performing my one man show to raise money for the Northern New Mexico Honor Flight. The show will open to closed curtains, and the haunting southern voice of Darriel Agee reciting “This is My Soldiers Prayer.”
Wow! The powers of attraction at work in my life.