10 Canards and 2 Great Truths

ca-nard: an unfound story or belief

1.”It is what it is.” No, it is what we make it. As a wise man once said: “So our troubles, we believe, are basically of our own making. They arise out of ourselves.”

2. “Oh you know how I am.” A fine way to guarantee that you never improve.

3. ”It is good to think outside of the box.” Yes, but it is best to find the box first, then think outside of it.

4. “l am more creative when…” I am most creative when I work. Creativity is awarded to the busy.

5. “To the speedy go the spoils.” I never really started gaining wealth until I had enough courage to finally quit trying to achieve it. I then began to receive it in abundance.

6. “I’m not hurting anyone but me.” Oh yeah? Just ask your family how that works.

7. “The millionaire’s Bentley.” Many who must drive a fancy car, live in a fancy house, wear fancy jewelry, never really gain true liquid wealth. Read The Millionaire Next Door.

8. “I can quit anytime I want.”  Oh really?

9. “Lotteries make one rich.” Lottery, a hot stock, bitcoin, casinos… the list goes on. If you want to take risk, open a business. “Nothing that’s easy is worth a shit. Nothing that’s worth a shit is easy.” Vic Thompson 1976.

10. “Smooth talkers talk smoothly.” Trust your gut or ask your spouse. If it sounds too good to be true, it almost always is.

Two Great Truths.

1.You can’t out give a giver.

2. You can never give a taker quite enough.