Useful, Respected, and Happy Once More

Useful, Respected, and, Happy Once More.

Self-help is way overrated. Self reduction, however, frees the spiritual space to allow humility to flow in. As self will fades away, we begin to seek God’s will. We have to; after all, self will is leaving. The power we receive in return is the power of humility.

And that, I believe, is a power that allows us to attain a level of honesty that is spiritually driven. We’re more attuned to God. We’re asking Him to give us answers.

When I am attuned to God’s will, when I’m seeking His way, I begin to live my life intuitively. What began as an occasional hunch turns into inspiration. The solutions to life problems become inspirational, and problems seem to just melt away.

I can now ask God how best to be useful. Thy will not mine, be done.