Chasing Zero


One of my dearest friends, David Poleski, was a major entertainer on the streets of Seattle Washington for about 13 years. He was known as Zero the Mime. A brilliant showman – juggling, sleight-of-hand magic, ukulele performances, & pratfalls galore. He wowed em!

But his greatest talent was an eerie ability to capture a persona; to mimic a passerby so completely as to be his or her cartoon image; a breathing cartoon walking inches behind.

One day as he was practicing some sleight-of-hand magic and juggling, I asked him: “What’s with the name Zero?”

I’ll never forget what he said: “Well, I only have the needed power to mimic when I am not me. When I am more them, David Poleski is zero.”

He went about juggling, then stopped and asked me this: “What’s the most important part of a cup?”

I threw something out: “The handle?”

He commenced to juggle then said: “No it’s the hole. You can do without a handle. Can’t do without the hole.”

My greatest power, too, comes when I’m less concerned about myself, and begin to focus on what’s important to others; still chasing Zero.