Think Again

Chasing Zero

Started a new blog topic, called “Chasing Zero.” In this idea of chasing zero…It’s really a study of the greatest beginning moments of my life and how they all have been predicated by tremendous loss of one kind or another. Rising of the Phoenix and all that. And from those…More

Winos’ Woodstock Love Fest

Always happy to be amongst those with their boots on the ground who are making a difference and bettering people’s lives. (Taken after my performance of “A Guru Named Frank” at Winos’ Woodstock Love Fest at Infinite Recovery in Austin, TX – benefiting The 24 Hour Club,

Chasing Zero

  One of my dearest friends, David Poleski, was a major entertainer on the streets of Seattle Washington for about 13 years. He was known as Zero the Mime. A brilliant showman – juggling, sleight-of-hand magic, ukulele performances, & pratfalls galore. He wowed em! But his greatest talent was an…More

Resolutions or Intentions?

Resolution noun | res-o-lu-tion| \re-zə -lü- shən\ 1. A firm decision to do or not to do something A firm decision? Sounds hard to me. Synonyms of “hard” include resolute, adamant, unfaltering… the list goes on. But there certainly seems to be no room for error. Or change. Certainly no room…More

The Power of Smaller

If I’m living a life of intention, seeking the discipline to place the spiritual life first, then there has to be a pay off. The reward for spiritual exercise in my life has been humility. Not a humility born of weakness but humility that is a power. The power of honesty…More

Dreaming: Day 20

Like in any exercise regimen, after a period of time performing the recommended number of reps, muscles become exhausted. Your dream muscle too becomes tired. All the huge brush strokes become a number of reoccurring themes, the reoccurring spiritual exercise, the reoccurring emotional state, the reoccurring mental discipline, your physical…More

DreamQuest Journey: Day Two

And now the fun begins. I refer to it as “exercising the dream muscles.” I pick a day to at least five years off, then I write a diary entry as if it is that day. It starts something like this: Dear God (or any power greater than you) “The…More

Day One of the 21-Day DreamQuest Journey

For the last 34 years I’ve taken a moment (sometimes many) to relish a minute, to contemplate all that has come to me AIBM (“As If By Magic”). You see, it is not probable that a poorly educated, drug addicted, Vietnam vet would achieve all that I have achieved. Indeed,…More

Sarah’s Quest: A Guest Blog by Sarah Elliott

Over the years I have found that some of the most powerful explanations of the program and discipline that I have developed have come from other people. What follows is just such an example. Sarah Elliott has thrived on this discipline for several years now and her experience and some…More

The Worst Day of My Life

A series of tragedies led from a young marriage to life on the streets, ultimately ending in devastating physical injury and hopeless alcoholism. Terrible news? No, not really. All of that strife made it so that I had to face the fact that my misfortunes were all on account of…More